Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ring, Ring... God's calling

*Originally posted on November 14, 2007

I had an “epiphany” last night… I had been frustrated with my lack of “quiet time” lately. Erich and I actually have "quiet time" scheduled in the morning at 6:00 am, but I keep hitting the snooze button, so it hasn’t been happening. The past few weeks, my prayer time with God has been consisting of: when we pray at meal times or when we pray before school starts. That’s sad. Lately, my bible reading has been consisting of our Geography or Science curriculum that has scripture in it… or the Bible lesson I’m teaching to the girls that day… or, wait… does reading Charlotte Mason count as Bible reading? Lol! Seriously, my prayer life and bible study has taken a nose dive, and I’m fed up with my bad habit of “snoozing”.

So, here’s what came to mind… when the phone rings and it’s one of my friends calling, I pick up the phone and answer it promptly so that I can chat. Soooooooo… when my alarm clock is going off at 6:00 am… I need to view that as my phone ringing… but this time, it’s God calling ready for me to spend prayer and bible reading time with Him. I need to be as ready to jump up at the alarm clock knowing that God is “waking me up” as I am to jump up when my friends call me on the phone. Really, I need to be much more ready and willing to “answer” God’s 6:00 am call then any other that I will have during the day.

So, I tried the mind set this morning… and it *kinda sorta* worked. I cheated a little bit b/c, I did wake up… prayed to God… felt comforted that I had some morning “God-fill”… but then went back to sleep until 7:00 am. AHHHHH!!!! I’m such a mess. I would love prayer from you all that I can get my life re-focused more around spending time getting filled up by His Word before I start my day. Also pray that I get up on time in the morning and forget where my snooze button is! :) So, tonight, I’m taking Jacci’s advice and going to bed at 10:30pm in hopes I won’t be so tired tomorrow. It all starts the night before… so, without further adieu… Have a blessed night!

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