Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Best of... Summer

My sweet nephew, Blaine, graduated from high school! He is the most amazing 18 year old I know (OK, I guess I don't know that many 18 year He is a very mature, funny, sweet, Godly young man. He spends the majority of his time volunteering at his Church and went to S. Africa this summer on a mission trip... what a blessing he is to God's kingdom and to our family! We love you Blaine! :)

Megan, Caroline, Kenedy & Jessica posing at their last Choir production.

Ava posing with her little Pre-K choir right before singing in Church service. Too Cute!

Ava and Erich admiring the fireworks! We had the entire family over (all 40 of them) for swimming and B.B.Q.-ing. (I forgot to take pictures). The cousins had so much fun playing together. Happy 4th of July!

This one cracks me up... Caroline and Ava dressed up as "Ma & Pa" from Little House on the Prairie. :)

Heather and I at Mattito's restaurant. I just love her and feel so blessed that she's in my life... she is such a loving and nurturing friend.

Michelle and I at Mattito's, too! I have been friends with Michelle for 9 wonderful years. She is hilarious and so much fun to be around... a true blessing in my life.

OK, so I'm not sure if Nancy Drew wore this, but this was the girl's rendition of detective apparel. Maybe more like "spy gear"... who knows?!

We had a baking day at the Klauese's home. We made TONS of cookies (I lost count, but I think it was over 12 dozen). Caroline and Kennedy are donning their "Little House" dresses. I mean, you just can't bake unless you look the part, right?! lol! :)

Ava and her best friend, Rachel participated in the Challenger Soccer Camp together. They had so much fun. Caroline and Erich made the flag you see in the background (while I was at Mattito's with Heather and Michelle)

Ava with Coach Greg from England. (He's a big POSH fan, so we gave him the flag)

Ava with Coach Yam-Yam from England... he is absolutely hilarious!

Ava painting a picture for Caroline on her easel. She is quite the artist. Caroline is a very gifted artist, too... just pretend you see the picture of her painting as well... :)

Caroline took this picture of Ava wearing Erich's old motorcycle helmet with our border collie, Fly. I omitted the picture of Ava riding Fly like a motorcycle in case Animal Protection Services saw this... lol!

We went pear picking with the Klauses. The girls had so much fun picking out the "perfect" pears. We ended up making yummy pear pie and pear cobbler with our beauties.

Is Ava playing "hide and seek" while picking pears?

Look at those precious cheeks!!! This is the Klause's youngest daughter, Addison. She is such a cutie pie!

The "Pear Picking Gang": Addison, Bailey, Caroline, Ava, and Kennedy
Caroline and Ava dressed in their "Little House" nightgowns. Is it obvious that they LOVE "Little House on the Prairie"?

Ava lost her 3rd tooth... I told her that it will be very easy to drink out of a straw, now.

The girls goofing around during school break.

I guess Ava got a little "paparazzi hungry". Poor Caroline.

Caroline and her friend, Christine at rollerskating. They planned their little matching outfits ahead of time... super cute. (I remember doing that with my friends) The girls love to roller blade and are very speedy at it too. Ava will even participate in racing the "big 8 year olds" and usually wins!

We've had a great summer and started back to school on August 18th. The girls LOVE this year's curriculum! I'll have to post our Fall Schedule next time... along with the girl's birthday party pictures and our California vacation. Have a blessed day!

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