Thursday, August 6, 2009

Buy a Mug... Save a Life!

Ava's 6 year old best friend, Noah, is having his grand opening today for his fantastic ministry that he's started:

For every mug sold, someone gets clean water for the rest of their life by the purchase of water filters through

*Please support this fantastic ministry and pass the news on...

Here's how it all started:

When Noah was 6 years old, he heard about kids all over the world who had to walk miles to get drinking water which made them sick. Noah was disturbed by this news, and hoping that he could do something to make a difference, he talked with his dad, Mike, about everything he had heard. After Noah updated Mike on the poor drinking water situation, the conversation went back and forth like this:

Dad, we have to do something about this!”

Mike replied,“Well, what do you suppose we should do?”

“We should sell coffee mugs because when people drink out of them, they think about drinking and when you think about drinking stuff, you’ll think about water. Then all of the money we make can go to help kids get water that doesn’t make them sick.”

“Well, what is going to make your mug different then every other mug out there?”

“Dad, our mugs are going to help people get clean water, and I’m going to make some really cool themes and drawings.”


“Yea, I already thought of it all; I’ll draw Castles, Wild Bears, and Flowers – ‘cause girls like flowers.”

“Noah, can you draw a wild bear?”

“Yeah, I’m a real good drawer. So can we do it, Dad?” Noah asked excitedly.

Mike answered his anxiously awaiting son,
“Sure, I’d love to go into business with a 6 year old!”

As Noah’s dad was teaching Noah how to put together a business plan, they did research and realized that the profits from just one mug would pay for someone to have clean drinking water for the rest of their life!

That is the story of how Noah’s Mugs began. Noah, his dad, and the whole family now print and press mugs and ship them all over North America. And, for every mug sold, another person gets clean drinking water.