Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nature Walks and Poems

*Originally Posted March 8, 2008
Caroline & Ava enjoying Nature Study.

We've had fun going on Winter nature walks lately. Texas Winter is not too cold at all, and the girls have loved seeing the changes in the seasons. Hope you enjoy their poems that the nature walks inspired:

Winter Sights
by Caroline (1/29/08)

All the trees are bare
There is not a sound in the air
Just the waves of the trees
And the whistling of the breeze

Everything is so crisp and dry
I frown when we’re passing by
Everything used to be so lush
And nobody was in a rush

They listened to all the beautiful sounds
Until they ran in leaps and bounds

Soon Spring will come again
And new life will start to begin
But right now, people are all bundled up
And sipping hot cocoa from their cup

The Nature Walk in Winter
by Ava (1/29/08)

It’s fun when you feel the breeze
And the sun so bright
I wish, I wish the summer came back

It’s pretty outside
But, I still wish it is summer
I love it outside
But, it’s too cold

Well, no birds that we hear
But the sun with it’s reflection in the pond
I love it outside so much
I bring things in the car
to make sure I have what I need to draw

The weeping willows only have branches
So I wish it was summer
and they would have leaves all over them

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