Thursday, October 2, 2008

My favorite calendar

*Originally posted on November 12, 2007

This calendar from Lakeshore Learning has been the BEST investment I have made for teaching Ava how to read a calendar. After just a few weeks of working with it daily, she had made HUGE improvements! Because everything is magnetic, she can set up the whole month, which is great practice for understanding how the days of the week flow and understanding holidays, etc. Also, as she works on the "Yesterday is_____, Today is______, Tomorrow will be______" section, she truly grasps time and what day is what. Now, 10 weeks into schooling, she is very confident about understanding the calendar, the date, the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, etc. She even looked at it today and said, "Since we went to Church yesterday, and we go to Church on Sunday, today must be Monday!" Yea!!!! She's finally getting it! It's also been great to correspond with our math lessons on even and odd numbers. When we do the pledges each day, Ava gets to hold the Bible for "bible pledge" on even numbered days and Caroline holds it on odd numbered days. Of course, that encouraged Ava to learn her evens and odds quickly so that she made sure she got her turn on holding the bible on the right day. Now, she can look at the calendar and say, "Today is Friday, October 26th, and since the 26th is an even numbered day, it's my day to hold the bible!" I'm so glad that she's able to reason through all of that... and I owe it all to this wonderful magnetic calendar!! Have a blessed day! :)

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