Monday, October 6, 2008

The Best of.... April and May

Ava got baptized on April 27, 2008. She was so excited for this day! Salvation is a gift from God and we praise Him for not only saving Ava, but for leading her little heart into declaring her faith in Christ through Baptism. This was truly a blessed day!

Ava's so excited and waiting anxiously on Pastor Gerald to finish his sermon.

Ava and Pastor Gerald in the baptismal

Ava and Pastor Gerald pose for the picture dripping wet. (at least, Ava was dripping wet)

Ava's crazy hair after a soccer game

I couldn't help but post this gorgeous picture of my two best friends, Michelle and Heather

Caroline was trying her hand at "professional photography". Of course, Ava was proud to be her little model. :)

Erich coaches Ava's soccer team, the Lions. Ava's best friend, Rachel, plays on the team, too. Ava just loves playing soccer... and just for the record, Erich did her hair that day... lol! :)

Caroline loves to do art and nature study in our garden.

Ava is basking in the sun doing her art and nature study. This is one of their favorite school subjects... why wouldn't it be? :)
Have a blessed day!

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