Friday, November 27, 2009

Belated Birthdays

I have been remiss about posting our family's birthday pictures.  From most recent on backwards, here is a snapshot of them all:

Erich's 40th Birthday!

Caroline and Ava are matchy-matchy as they look over Erich reading his card they made him

The shirt that Ava bought for Daddy... he loved it so much!

The Raiders shirt that Caroline bought for Daddy... he was so excited about it!
(Not pictured is the shirt and shoes that I bought him... I'll have to get a picture of him wearing his new duds)

Caroline's 12th Birthday!

The girls had fun making and baking their own pizzas!

The girls enjoy their homemade creation.

Here's the whole gang returning from the super competitive scavenger hunt.

It wouldn't be a good group shot without the silly faces.  ;)-

Popi met us at IHOP for Caroline's b-day breakfast.  She LOVED her Lego set and of course built it that day with Ava and Daddy.

Caroline and I made a Chocolate Bundt cake for her birthday... it was delicious!  :)-

Daddy and I bought her American Girl doll a Colonial dress.

Her favorite gift of all was from Ava... Caroline walks around with that baking book like it's her bible.  She's made some fantastic desserts with it!

Ava's 7th Birthday!

Do they look like Ma and Pa, or what?!  Ava asked for a bible and legos for her birthday... and a prairie birthday party!

Ava and Rachel pose for the camera.  They won the 3-legged race and had fun playing duck-duck-goose and egg toss... lots of old-fashioned games.  It was a blast and the weather was gorgeous!

Ivey, Caroline and Allie really look the part.

Lauren and Ava are ready to bob for apples.

Sam is really into this competition!

What would a party be without a Diet Coke and Mentos explosion?!

The whole prairie gang!

My dad looked too cute in my cowboy hat!

Caroline and I baked Ava's cake using the Little House on the Prairie Cookbook.  It was Laura Ingalls' wedding cake recipe.  The cake was a lot of work... but it was delicious!

Our last few months have been fun with our birthday celebrations!  We have been blessed!

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