Sunday, February 15, 2009

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Once upon a time...

Every year, Princesses Caroline and Ava are escorted to a wonderful royal ball by their "King Daddy". Photos containing their precious memories await you...

Duchess Heather is getting Princess Ava's hair just perfect

And I mean, "just perfect"! :)

Princess Ava is ready for the ball. She's only missing one thing...

Her King! :) Aren't they just precious?!

Here they are at the dance... could King Erich look any happier? :)

King Erich has a little "red-face" going on... he might need to take a break from dancing... lol!

Despite the 1,000 other princesses at the ball, Ava finds Haley and Mandy. According to Mandy's daddy, this is good b/c Mandy said she didn't want to dance until she found Ava... good for Gary that she found her! :)

Now it's Princess Caroline's turn... is Duchess Heather the best friend in the world, or what?!

Duchess Heather's "masterpiece"... what a gorgeous mane!

Princess Caroline awaits her King who is arriving shortly.

And, here he is! :)

I just love this one of them... simply darling!

Precious close up of Princess Caroline and King Erich

King Erich with both of his Princesses.

The royal carriage whisked them away to dinner and then to Caroline's ball. So, King Erich truly danced the night away.

(2 dances + dinner = tired and sore Daddy) But he loved every minute of it! :)

The girls are so blessed by their daddy... he loves them so much and takes care of them like the princesses that they are... God's Princesses!

Have a blessed day!


Lindsey said...


Hey! I love your blog! Your family is beautiful and you are so blessed! I am starting my blog this week-my sis-law is designing it, so I'll let ya know when it's up and running! I also love your music-Keri Jobe is one of my favorite Christian artists from Gateway! Talk soon!

Lindsey Menary Houser

Christy Adams said...

Your girls are so beautiful and so blessed to have a wonderful King (and Queen) to treat them so well!

Jeanne said...


This is so beautiful - what a wonderful night...what wonderful memories!!

The King and Queen are truly are the Princesses!!


Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Such precious girls- I am glad they got to have some awesome time with their daddy!!

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog and your email today. I appreciate the prayers and appreciate your friendship!!

Love you,